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Trash Fairies

My Trash Fairies were born accidentally. For those of you who might think that it’s a birth control post, I must apologize, because it’s about recycling. Again. ? This time, it’s about how we recycled almost everything and turned it into carnival costumes.

#1 Sea Fairy, Winter Fairy, Rain Fairy, An Elf Warrior And A Forest Fairy

Our organisation, RecyclArt got an invitation to participate The Summer Carnival, few days before it started. What to do?

1. Pick some schoolchildren that attended our recycling workshops earlier, to play fairies;

2. collect enormous pile of plastic bags, plastic bottles, newspaper and fabric scraps for making costumes;

3. do our best! 

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#2 Carnival Night

As you can see, we did it. And we learned something in a process, such as how to make a trident using a mop stick. 😀

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#3 Paper Mac(h)es

...... Or, how to make paper mache maces, with a plastic bottles parts construction.

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    • In a way. I have no time to wait till balloon gets harder because of layers and layers of paper, so I glued bottom and upper part of a plastic bottle together and put a cardboard roll on it. So, I could make maces all at once. The thing is that I come up with the solutions while creating, due to available material and time.

#4 A Bunch Of Feries

Here are ten out of fifteen fairies. Sweaty, tired, but satisfied with their performance, for they presented a story about pollution and how to stop it. Obviously, it's not easy to clean the world. 😀

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#5 Encore!

Since our fairies were so sweet, we asked them to be a part of our exhibition "Recycled eARTh" in the National Museum. Our guests were Mrs. Melba, from The Embassy of Cuba and Mr. Darwin, from The Embassy of Venezuela. And again, fairies simply enchanted Mrs. Melba.

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#6 Three Graces

Aren't they beautiful? Our Spring, Summer and Rain fairies were really satisfied with their look. How they wouldn't be, they participated in creation of their costumes. 

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#7 Masks And Tiaras

And here are some close ups of masks and crowns that couldn't be seen on pictures. There are: Autumn's crown, Forest Fairy's mask, Fairy Queen's tiara and ears and Spring Fairy's floral crown/mask.

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#8 Fabric Masks

Fabric scraps, hot glue and whatever you want- the best recipe for home made masks.

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#9 Raining Umbrella

We made several Raining Umbrellas from plastic bag ribbons and umbrella's constructions. Raindrops were made of plastic bottles' parts.

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#10 Green

You don't need expensive costumes to shine. Several plastic bags and bottles and a lot of imagination is all you need to look amazing. Our fairies are proof of that.

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What do you think?

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