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How To Make Your Dragon

Have you ever wondered why everybody loves dragons? I mean, there’s nothing to be loved. They’re enormous, fierce, scary. They’re lizards, for God sake! And they got wings. Now, it sounds like I describe some medieval boings or jumbo-jets. Still, no one recorded that anyone took flight with them willingly, or arrived alive. And again, as soon as dragons are mentioned, majority turns in to Daenerys Targaryen, making “Awwwww” sounds, like they saw a bunch of kittens.

My nephew is of that kind- all in to fencing, duels and chevaliery. And dragons, too. So, I decided to make him one, for his birthday. And to share this story with you.

#1 Mounted

It looks like that now, when it's finished, but on the beginning.... well, not so much.

#2 Not An Ugly Sock

Before I started, I watched for some amazing videos of Gourmet Paper Mache. It wasn't craft, it was magic! All his dragons looked alive, with their fierce image and glass eyes and I completely fell in love with all of them. But my dragon to be had to fulfill different requirements. First of all, it shouldn't be heavy, because I have no skills of a handy man, nor their tools, to mount it on a wooden plank. So, I have to plan using of different materials. And, regarding materials, it had to be recycled. After several sleepless nights, I came to a solution: it would be constructed out of plastic bottles, with a little help of styrofoam.

#3 Jaws

Teeth, as well as every other peak on dragon's head were made in paper beads style: rolling paper tapes around toothpicks. For tongue, two pieces of wire and some newspaper pieces wrapped around them.  

#5 A Beard Appeared

Meters and meters of paper towels were used to make all peaks look like they grow from the head. Gruesome, isn't it? 😀

#6 Scary? Nah :/

Finally started to form head, adding styrofoam to make it look massive.

    • I love dragons. Truth to be told, for a moment, I thought about buying my nephew a shirt and keeping a dragon for myself. But, i am an aunt and aunts are also magical creatures. So, I gave this to him and never regretted, because the expression on his face was priceless 😉

#10 Quality Inspection

Approved by quality inspector. 😀


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