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The Abduction On Rue de’ Alien

As he was walking in the small arts district searching for graffiti and street art he stopped suddenly and smiled a bit whimsically. There in front of him on a pole that had been “yarn bombed” was a very good facsimile of a street sign that read “Art Alley”. It had been crafted with great care to look like a real street sign and due to this level of craftsmanship offered some promise. To the right there was indeed an alley. Well, who could resist a stroll down Art Alley?

There were some works of street art on the backs of buildings along the alley and he photographed a few of them. It was actually a little anticlimactic and nothing too spectacular. Oh well he thought; but, as he turned around to leave he saw it – the Rue de’ Alien.

As he looked to the left of the sign he saw an amazing sight. A pictorial story unfolded along the building next to a parking lot …

… the overview that completely redeemed Art Alley was fantastic and certainly worth the trip. What a discovery it was!


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  1. I took the path less traveled – glad you did in fact. First, as always your pictures are amazing.

    I really enjoyed your story as well!

    I love the pictures and the play on words (Rue the Aliens!)

    • Thanks Gina. I did pull out all the tricks I knew to make the photos more striking. They had some post camera embellishments. I liked the Giants jacket (nice touch). The plants at the bottom are real.

    • Yeah, it was good for a laugh. I’m glad someone went to the trouble to do it. The painting was done on shaped panels and attached to the building. The rest of art alley had nothing quite this creative.