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The Abduction On Rue de’ Alien

As he was walking in the small arts district searching for graffiti and street art he stopped suddenly and smiled a bit whimsically. There in front of him on a pole that had been “yarn bombed” was a very good facsimile of a street sign that read “Art Alley”. It had been crafted with great care to look like a real street sign and due to this level of craftsmanship offered some promise. To the right there was indeed an alley. Well, who could resist a stroll down Art Alley?

There were some works of street art on the backs of buildings along the alley and he photographed a few of them. It was actually a little anticlimactic and nothing too spectacular. Oh well he thought; but, as he turned around to leave he saw it – the Rue de’ Alien.

As he looked to the left of the sign he saw an amazing sight. A pictorial story unfolded along the building next to a parking lot …

… the overview that completely redeemed Art Alley was fantastic and certainly worth the trip. What a discovery it was!


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