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Filters Effects ~ 365 Photos Challenge #172

When I was doing a photo experiment with a tea strainer, I noticed that the effect it produced was so unlimited and so different from what it was. Many can affect these effects; light and reflection, movement, the point of view, camera ability to capture images and others. As I watched all the effects, I was struck by the effects of the reflections that suddenly appeared in my insights.

How many filters we can’t see and aware has hidden or sort out the various realities as false information for us to save and use as capital to live our lives. How difficult it is to see the world as it is because no one ever reaches us for what it is. Either how many people are aware of this filtering system in our personality but we can imagine, with that system, how far we are from the whole real reality.

This filter which I have sometimes referred to as glasses, as a paradigm, can come from various layers of conditioning and manipulation or editing. Our senses certainly do so, as well ideology, religion, culture, law, education, society, emotions and so on. We only see something if the filter allows it, and such filters do not give many possibilities.

I once read that scientists say we only see 2 percent of reality, as well as our low listening retention. So only with two percent that has been uprooted from the context we build, develop thought, exchange ideas and make so many deals or agreements. If those 2 percents that have been reconstructed by the first hand, then distributed and received by the second hand with 2 percent of all the information already out of that context, what percentage of reality truths do we have?

“Please do not take the lies away from humanity, otherwise man will not be able to live. Man lives through lies. Do not take the fictions away, do not destroy the myths. Do not tell the truth because it does not live by the truth.” That’s what Friedrich Nietzche once said. Then, what kind of life can there be through lies? What kind of happiness does happen through lies? There is only misery given by lies, but why do we keep protecting those lies?

Ahh… I’m sure I have to recheck my own personality, again and again, how about you?

If you want to join, here is all about 365 Photos Challenge and I am on Day 172.


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  1. You’ve touched so complicated philosophical problem, as always. In this connection, would like to share the quote from the book of one of my favorite authors Ursula K. Le Guin: “Not many of us know who or what we are”…“A glimpse is all we get.”

  2. Interesting comment. I will call a spade a spade. I cant cope with too much complications. If you tell the truth all the time, then when you need to say the truth, you are known to be an honest person. If you lie to a person to save their ego, you are also hurting them because eventually the truth comes out.
    We don’t know half the time if what we see or experience is truth or lies.
    I like to believe in hoping for the best, weathering storms of life, facing the truth and being accountable for whatever. Live simple

    • If we touch the water surface, there will be a ripple formed, from a small one then getting bigger and bigger…

      I smiled and touched while reading or watching some news about someone who fell in love with someone, for so long and finally got married, later is known, after so long, it turns out that the person he/she loves is same-sex. The stories always end up being police reports and court verdicts.

  3. Perhaps Friedrich Nietzsche is right. And sometimes I’m a muse that we live in a deep lie. Which is provided to us well processed to look like truth. But there is no place for love and love.


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