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Light of The Light ~ 365 Photos Challenge #121

Rain and dark are great combinations that close the view. This is what appeared to be outside the vehicle from around our residential gate after the rain and electricity that had extinguished a few minutes due to certain disturbances.

When the light is turned on in a dark place then the beauty of the place will look as it should be. And what if the bright on everything is, in fact, a darkness, darkness of a secret, a darkness in disguise?

In the past, I had often thought about, what is really behind all this visible? What does it take to see the true reality behind this darkness of light? Although when many teachings, all advice, and various wisdom provide information that may be appropriate in answering the question, still this eye can not see the reality of it.

It is a wonderful thing that the answer to that question is darkness. By embracing the darkness, another light picks up and shows another bright realm, which can not be explained by words. Well, at least I can say that that bright is love.

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  1. Nicely explained Albert. That is how I would explain the darkness I have experienced. There was always a ray of light and it brought me out and helped me land where I needed to be. With love and hope.