Doormat ~ 365 Photos Challenge #118

I’m sure we’ve seen that there are many people who are “willing” to be treated as a doormat, conscious or not, for whatever reason. A man or woman who – purportedly loves their spouse – resign to insulted, be cursed and chewing dirt in order to maintain his or her status. Also like a subordinate for a boss, whether in business or politics whose legs always step on the mud or the leaders or the people of a nation who let their country be a garbage dump, whether real rubbish or political garbage.

Again there are always two points of view, the pros, and cons of the attitude of fighting or accepting, fighting or resigning, determining the fate or just accept, and others for each reason. Whatever our views and attitudes, they have their own lessons, each struggle, their individual wisdom, their respective truths, whether in the context of self-esteem, humility, openness, fate, learning, etc.

How to be human? Whether a doormat can teach us to be “human,” who does not just pursue accessories more than it should be. Scramble towering upward by stepping on the bottom. Speaking of humanity, true talk of enlightenment of the soul. Though we have it but allowing the soul to be the ultimate leader is not an easy thing, though the soul is the controller of our living atmosphere. Souls that make us know the feeling of loving and being loved, as the owner of any spiritual intelligence.

Doormat is inanimate objects that are always trampled, but it is he who is in the front row to welcome you, greet you with openness (welcome), and clean up the dirt that you have before you step into a room. Doormat willing to sacrifice himself though often underestimated. So, learn from the doormat, keep it open to anyone who hates you, stay on the front line and give the best smile to those who hate you. The rest of the attitude? Up to you.

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What do you think?


  1. Whatever happens to a person, he must maintain respect for himself first and then for others. Do not humiliate and humiliate others.

  2. It’s difficult to tell … to what point is doormat? To what point is self confident? To what is selfish…
    to what extent is narcissistic….etc

    I can be seen as a doormat to one but a selfish bitch to another …

    Hard to get the balance right, I guess.

    • You are right, my friend. We are often confused to behave, often trap in ambiguous or even sometimes hypocritical, but the ideal attitude or perfect balance is indeed a human dream, until whenever. But with that at least we know that maturity and wisdom are indispensable, right?

  3. I was a doormat for many years and then finally woke up one day and said I will not be treated like this any more, I am a person and my feelings deserve to be heard, appreciated and felt. Thanks for this piece Albert.