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Five random facts about me!

It was hard to decide what to write for this, but Fortune’s idea was great. I have loved reading more about all of you who have posted for this already. 

I am not a writer, words just do not come easily for me. Pictures do. I love photography, and snapping pictures. So….. Here are my five in pictures. 

#1 I am 57 years young.

I do not like pictures taken of me. I always feel like a deer caught in headlights. 

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#2 I started drawing and sketching at age 4.

I used to love to draw cartoon characters, then moved on to wildlife and oil painting. One of my pieces was used for a cover of a published book. I still love art, painting and drawing, but enjoy photography more. 

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#3 I have always wanted to fly in a Glider plane.

To just hear the wind, no motor. What a dream.

I would like to do this and fly in a Bi-plane before I die.  

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#4 We traveled for a whole year.

When I was 14 my parents took me out of school for a whole year, sold their beauty shop and house in Vista California, and bought an RV like the big one here. We traveled every state in the US except Maine. 

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#5 One of the cabins.

I ran a trout fishing resort on the White River in Cotter, Arkansas for 22 years. This is one of the cabins with the river showing behind it. 

That's my five. 


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  1. I wanted to post a comment on each but failed for unknown reason. I would love to travel for one year in a caravan/trailer but that would be too costly for me. I have done lot of traveling over the years but no visit was longer than a fortnight.

    • Ah that again. That does happen sometimes, no worries.
      Same here on the travel. I also would like to do a month horseback riding trip, but even that would be too expensive. Times have changed, it is not as easy as it once was. Sadly.

    • True, I had read that in his post. I still want to see Maine. What a state to leave off. I still wonder why they decided to not go to Maine. I think they just got too tired. Great memories for sure, thanks Halcombe!

  2. You certainly are a very polyvalent women Kim. A trout fishing resort? That must have been great as you were close to nature most of the time. One thing you amaze me with is your drawing and painting. Great to know you in more details.

    • Thank you History. Running that resort, I can wear many hats. I can do plumbing, rebuild a boat motor, and hammer a nail. 😉 My dad had an art studio at the resort. It had been an old cafe, we had it moved to the resort and it sat on the bend in the river with a roof and all windows.. Great inspiration there.

  3. Kim we have two similar features – travel and photography. If I have the opportunity, I would welcome you. I love fish and trout is my favorite. In my 5 facts we stated that I could eat fish every day. Thanks.

    • Awe, thank you. I would love to visit there Elenka. Before I met you I had no idea that where you live and where I live had the same kind of landscape, plants and animals. I would take you up on that for sure if I had the means. Trout is my favorite fish as well. I love it, and all fish really. I haven’t had any I didn’t like. I guess Tuna would be my least favorite.

    • Yes, so far it sure has. The resort was great. It had 9 cabins, 7 boats. It sat on the White River in Arkansas. Every evening the temperature of the river which was a constant 57 degrees would create a fog over the water, which is where it got it’s name. I raised my two boys there, and can’t think of a better place. It was like stepping back in time, small classrooms. Individual attention, small town atmosphere.


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