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Bluebird ~ Photo Challenge Day 90

I am continuing with the 365 Photos Challenge and I am now on Day 90. 


I managed to capture this shot from my deck. Was out with my camera and there he was! My favorite bird in the world. The male eastern Bluebird. Each spring they visit my backyard. The female is not as colorful, as always it seems. And she is a little smaller. I put up a house just for them. They use pine straw to build a nest, piece by piece. They lay the eggs. Usually 2-5 eggs, it depends on the female. And all of this depends on the weather as well. I wait. The eggs hatch. Then the babies fly away around 16 days old. But they return every year. And usually they raise 2-3 families each season. I always try to photograph each step of the way, as most of you know. An experience unlike any other. Today was the first time to see a Bluebird. He is scouting the yard making sure it meets his specifics. Soon I will put up the bluebird house for him and his lady. And the process will begin. My Bluebird of Happiness has arrived!


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Written by Carol DM

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