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Observing ~ Photo Challenge Day 92

I am continuing with the 365 Photos Challenge and I am now on Day 92. 

We have a pretty blue sky for now. But rain is on the horizon for the next two days. I captured this female Eastern Bluebird from my deck. She has an observation pole. I originally put up this pole to hang a hummingbird feeder on. However each year the Bluebirds use it as a perch to keep an eye out for predators while starting their nests and after the eggs are laid. They are constantly on guard. Their survival depends on it. This female is watching the male Bluebird in the house. They have not started building yet, just in the early stages of checking out the house. It was just put up yesterday. How cool, like they are waiting for it, watching from the trees I suppose. They always come back every year. So exciting. Now I have to remind myself about patience. They will start a nest or maybe not. It depends pretty much on the female. That is usually the case, right? The female is the boss in this situation. Stay tuned for updates!


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  1. An awaited part of the ambiance here. It seems three houses aren’t enough. I understood only two nesting pairs would share territory. Wouldn’t be my first bird misinterpretation. Further, it appears our male may not be in charge but, is not so monogamous, or an interloping female was flirting. A stiff competition from the tree swallows brings the males in very early, giving the Robins’ semi frozen song some helpful harmony. Heard my first Robin yesterday! No Bluebirds yet, tree sparrows and Mergansers. No trout, catfish, grin


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