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Banana Again! ~ 365 Photos Challenge #23

Coming home from the office this afternoon, I have taken the time to visit my sister’s house. She asked my promise to create a logo for her handmade works that had been sold without a brand all along. I have done it, but indeed I have not given it to her.

After talking, I searched other things for variations than just traffic jams, my eyes are looking for something. I decided to stop at replicas of fruits, especially this fake banana.

This kind of decoration is usually made so well that it resembles the original. That’s what human skill is, so an unwary person can be fooled. If we reflect, how many humans who have placed themselves as the decoration of life, have pinned themselves in such a way that looks very charming, unfortunately, even appear very different from their original self. In such a pseudo-display, we can see them laughing, happy, dignified, self-esteem, and others but behind the mask, they are very different.

Anyone can join in on this fun photo challenge which was started by John artbytes26 . Just please be sure to check out Art’s rules and guidelines for the challenge in this post 365 Photos Challenge.


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  1. I read a Japanese proverb that said a person has 3 faces – one shown to the public, one shown to family and friends and one that is not shown at all but to own self. I maintain two – the Witch and the Pixie. The Witch when I do business hahaha it serves me very well I can assure you.

    • I think to some extent play a different role is reasonable because everyone has a plural role indeed, but do not let it happen that the game has trapped and separated or split our personality. The split has made many people experience mental difficulties, from depression to death.

      • Failure to understand life and living? Do we blame ourselves? Or the society that we live in? Then again, maybe it was the set of test given to them because their cores are tough enough for such kind of challenge. You are not given anything that you do not need and definitely not given anything you cannot handle. We just need to sort it out. In business, if you are a female, you have to adopt a certain personality or you will not be taken seriously.

        • I’ve been met many clients or people with very different faces when in public and when they are alone (and or with me). When they put off their masks of popularity, arrogance, self-confidence, friendliness or other, they are generally just people who feel less meaningful or feel lost but unable to return. The doctrine you have mentioned, once again is common knowledge, often lacking the power to reconcile the essence of life with mental strength.

          • That comment of yours reminded me of the life of mummery:

            “One of the major obligations human beings feel is to be a kind of archetypal participant in the human ceremony and not to digress from it, not to renounce it, not to step aside, not to step back, not to examine it as a totality, not to transcend it, not to fail to be an archetype of one kind
            or another, not to fail to support the conventional illusion that everything is getting better and better merely by going on.

            The intention to be a civilized archetype is a very basic motive in your life–a motive which you must examine. You falsify yourself. You constantly make yourself into a persona, a mask–for this purpose. Nevertheless, you are going to die. You grow old. You have your doubts. You are going to suffer. You can lose. You are wondering about it all. When will that other part of you be taken seriously? When will you deal with it? Where will you deal with it? Under what circumstances?”

            ~ Excerpt from Easy Death, After Death Mind Makes You~

  2. Yes! I know bananas! Grin. And yes, I know the deception you speak so eloquently of.
    Indeed, it is why I am fish. Simple, swimming, delighted to be, now, here. None could would or should be fooled and as I under promise, I over deliver. Weird huh?
    I suspect you, good botosom, of the same.
    “The sum and daylight are inseparable”. Just X/! SpLaSh!


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