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Wu Wei Philosophy

Have you heard about Wu Wei? It is the ancient Chinese law of wisdom, which declares “inaction” as the fundamental value of being. In our materialistic, fast-paced society, this millennial-old philosophy can help you discover inner peace, establish a lost connection with nature, and get rid of all the anxiety that has overwhelmed you.

Wu Wei invites you to rediscover the spontaneity and creativity we see in nature; this law encourages you to float like a water along the stream without resisting, gradually smoothing the sharp corners of the rocks, paving the way for that stream; this is also the philosophy of a tree that bends rather than breaks in a strong wind.

Wu Wei invites his expectations not to project by force into the outside world, but rather to listen wisely to what that world has to offer every moment and respond in a creative, adaptive way.

Wuwei was described by poets of the Chinese Tang Dynasty as having the best sense of drunkenness – when a single glass of wine releases from inner stagnation and manifests itself in spontaneity, more truth and power appear in words and freedom and lightness in behavior. 

Living by the Wuwei Law, a human being does nothing by compulsion, does not put the burden of his expectations upon reality, as if an animal moves on with life, trusting in the laws of the Universe, feeling its place in the cosmic plan of the Universe that is enduring.

This philosophy is very natural and inviting to draw inspiration from the rhythms of the natural world. Living in the mechanical world of things and fixed existence, we forget the spontaneous being of nature, the need for something greater, more powerful, more meaningful than us, and the need for inner transcendence.

Wu Wei invites you to return to nature, to abandon the accumulation of exorbitant wealth, not to be attached to luxury items. This seems like a good antidote to today’s consumerism.

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