Love ItLove It

Pinwheel Thoughts

Shaping everything

comes with much imagination

and a strong heart


shaping things

takes a lot of thought

and creativity

Take a whirl of a chance

and create something

big or small

great or tall

Just stop take a creative breath

and make many pinwheel thoughts

of something new


Life takes us down many journeys. I call each journey chapters, and I feel people should try to reach inside themselves and pursue the love that is in them for all things, then creatively hand them out to one another. Pinwheels whirl around waiting for something to catch the wind and keep them a blowing, so we all need to keep the pinwheel thoughts and share them with all the people that we know, and have them do the same.

Have many pinwheel thoughts today, and share them with your loved ones, and maybe even a stranger.Have a great day everybody!


What do you think?

Written by LaJenna