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Growing Old Together: A Reflection on our 54th Anniversary

My husband is the best part of my life. We have been married since June 20, 1964. We know each other pretty well now. I have learned what a good man he really is. He loves God and he loves me. He has also done a good job of providing for us over these fifty-plus years. I love him more with each passing year together.

When I uploaded this photo from my camera, I was taken by surprise. Though I see this man every day, I have somehow missed the signs that like me, he’s getting older. I think we see selectively. I see the handsome man who stands beside me in our wedding pictures. The camera is more objective, just as it is with me. That’s why I don’t like taking selfies or making videos where I just talk to the camera.

Every day that we both get up in the morning I give thanks. I realize all too well that a morning is closer than I’d like it to be when that won’t happen and maybe one of us won’t be able to get up.

That’s one reason I don’t want to take this wonderful man — the one who did the shopping for me tonight when I was too tired and busy to go — for granted. We have learned to help each other with things we didn’t use to need help with. We wonder how we will cut our toenails or get lotion on our backs without each other. Neither of us wants to outlive the other. And neither of us has much to say about who will go first.

I hope we will continue our journey through life together for many more years. Meanwhile, we live in the now and trust God to care for us in the future as he has in the past. For more on our marriage see People Who Make Me Happy.


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  1. “Life is fine when you’re young and you’re having fun, But who’s going to have your back when it’s all done?” Believe it or not, those are song lyrics by a popular singer called Shaggy. I also heard Snoop Dogg say old people inspired him and that he wanted to be like them. With so many couples who get divorced after just a few years of marriage, one of the most beautiful things in life that they will likely never experience is the joyful blessing of growing old TOGETHER! There was a couple at a congregation where I used to worship and they were either in their 80s or 90s and he always used to refer to his wife as “this pretty lady”. You and your husband are blessed. Congrats on another anniversary!


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