There was No Love – Part 13

I came from the window and went to bed.  As I had been sleeping in my own room since the kids went to college, for over a decade, there was no ’empty pillow’  as Louise often spoke about.

For over a decade I had gone to my bed when I was tired, I had used my own bathroom when I pleased.

I had woken and prepared my own breakfast.

I’d run into Patrick in the kitchen.  He made good coffee and we’d talk a few minutes before going to work.  We often rode together.  Sometimes we’d go out to dinner, sometimes one of us would eat out, sometimes we’d come home.  Sometimes both of us would cook, other times we’d share a meal.   There was no pattern.

In a way, it was like being at college and having a room mate you try to get along with.

I went to my bed, slept fairly well, and when I  awoke was even more firm in my decision to sell the ‘family home’ then when I went to bed.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar