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COVID-19 Surprise love marriage.

The deadly epidemic of Corona, which has spread around the world, has disrupted daily life. Lockdowns have been imposed in most countries to stem the spread of the epidemic, which has closed wedding halls and canceled many celebrations.

But while the disease has hampered the formation of new relationships, there is also a couple who became acquainted with each other due to the disease, which turned into growing love and then engagement.

A young Egyptian Doctor, Mohamed Fahimi, was admitted to a hospital for treatment for the corona virus, where he fell in love with his charming Dr. Misbah. After two months of treatment, Dr. Muhammad FahImi recovered and delivered the message of marriage to his charming Dr. Misbah, which she gladly accepted.

Muhammad Fahmi did not wait for an hour and at the same time he put the ring of his name on Misbah in the hospital. There are messages of good wishes and congratulations for this couple from all over the world. We also pray for the happy life of this couple.

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  1. This virus has caused tremendous confusion and inconvenience in all countries. I wish the couple all the best and the most beautiful in their life together.
    At least one beautiful story.


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