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My Happy List – Week Five: People Who Make Me Happy

My husband both inspires me and makes me happy. As I write this we are heading toward our 54th wedding anniversary. I hope we both make it until June.

This photo was taken ten years ago. Even though he’s older than me, he’s only started to get a bit gray this last couple of years. Maybe someday he will actually start looking his age — approaching eighty.

Our marriage was not always as happy as it is today. We’ve been through some rough spots I wasn’t sure our marriage would survive, but that was over forty years ago. Because we had vowed to stay with each other until death parted us, we trusted God to help us resolve our differences and bring our first love back. He did. Since then we have lost both our children and both sets of our parents. But we still have and cherish each other. As long as two people are able to  trust God to help them love each other, there is hope for any marriage.

Neither of us is as self-sufficient as we once thought we were. As we age we need to depend on each other more than we ever did when we were younger. As we go through injuries and illnesses, we often need to help each other with the small things of life, like dressing or picking things up for each other. Sometimes we need this help more than others, since our ailments come and go.

He inspires me with his love for God and his desire to make Him known to others. He inspires me to be as generous with others as he is.

We try to love each other as God loves us. When we are sometimes crabby or unkind, we are quick to forgive each other. When I hear the problems  some  women have with their husbands, I’m always grateful God gave me the man he did.

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  1. The easy part of marriage is the first few years. When things are rolling and it is you and your partner. Then life comes along, careers, pain, injuries, illness and you find out how strong the marriage is. Wonderful share Barbara!!!

    • It does seem that marriages aren’t lasting as long as they used to. I think too many believe that people who love each always agree or don’t have any problems in their relationship. It’s committed love that makes partners with problems to stick around and work them through. But I’d never advise this if someone is being abused. Abuse was never something I had to deal with. Just cultural differences lack of wisdom.

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