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If I Don't Have a Day Job

One of the goals of many people is to be able to finish their studies in order to find a good paying job. That is the reason why after graduation most of us would go for job hunting. Although not all are lucky to find the job of their dream. For some, it would take years before they find a decent job. While some would land on temporary jobs. In our place, many individuals are working as job orders. Meaning, they have no employee-employer relationship. They can be removed anytime. But because they need to sustain, they would grab every opportunity that comes along. Only a few would find a good paying job.

When I graduated, I was able to find a job that pays a meager amount. But I took the job in order to gain experience. After some time, I was able to enter the government service. But I know that with the continuous rising of commodities, my salary won’t be enough. That is why I still look for other sources and I found myself working online.

What If I Wasn’t Able to Find a Day Job?

I was thinking, what if I didn’t find a job? Perhaps I am working online full time. I know there are many online workers who are devoting their full-time with their online work/business and they are earning a good amount. Some are earning even more than a regular day job. Admittedly, the Internet has changed my life in a lot of ways. This is one of the reasons why even the limited time, I still trying to spend time with my online activities.

Have You Considered Working Online on a Full-Time?

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If given a chance, would you consider leaving your regular job to pursue an online work or business? Would you suggest to new graduates to pursue an online career instead of working a 9 to 5 work?

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  1. I work online for more than 6 hours everyday, but then it wouldn’t be considered a full time job. Working from home has its drawbacks as you are always doing something side by side.

  2. Thank you Tasartcraft for commenting. Admittedly, good sites are hard to find and those which appeared to be a good site seems too difficult to comprehend. I worked with a lot of online sites and many of them are good sites and some are still active after 5 years. But I don’t work with most of them because of the limited time.

    • There are many sites aside from the one I am most active with which deals mostly with writing. I’ve been with call reviewing sites, transcribing sites, completion of simple tasks such as bounding box, segmentation, etc. Technically, there are many ways, we just need to conduct research. We are lucky to know someone who knows about it because you can skip the research process which will consume much of your time. You can find all the information in my blog.

  3. Working is a choice that can have many reasons behind it which is more than just earning income; social status, “certainty”, interest, comfort, match, idealism, etc. Funny thing is, often it doesn’t go hand in hand.
    Online jobs availability for at least the past two decades have broadened choices for the workforce and maybe more inspiring in many ways, and it is not like in the era before online jobs were available. It is also a reality that the organization’s need for conventional jobs is shrinking while the workforce continues to grow.

  4. As can be seen from all those who have commented before, I prefer regular work 40 hours a week. And I support them. Also when I am free I enter and publish here in virily. For pleasure entertainment and a little extra revenue.

    • Hi, thank you for visiting. Yes, it shows that most responses are geared towards the idea of having a more secure and real or should I say offline work. It also shows that many of the members here are happy to stay for pleasure and making friends.

  5. Online work vs office work is an interesting problem to consider. First, thank you, well-written article!!!

    1. it is about companionship. Some people nee the reality of going to the office to see other human beings.
    2. Some people don’t need direct human interaction, they do well at home.

    I know both sides of the argument, it is a hard decision.

    • First, thank you for your appreciation. This is actually my style of writing and most of my articles online are about online career, working online and blogging. It was recently that I switched to AI-themed blogging.

      Yes, we need to weigh the pros and cons before jumping into any activity especially if we are already in a safe situation. This is also the reason why I won’t give up my day job. But that won’t prevent me from exploring the online field further. When it comes to personality, I think I fit very well in the second description. But it doesn’t mean that I can’t interact with others. In fact, I am frequently being invited to discuss some topics such as children and government procurement.

  6. Thank God that I had such a job that I was always well paid, that I had a good life … and also now I have such a pension that I can live normally … here I am more for acquaintances and good friends … I’ve tried many things online already, but they are scammers … Virily is one of the few who pays everything else is a scam … these are my experiences

    • I am happy to know that you had a good paying job. Well, not everyone, especially from my country, can get a decent paying job or one with a salary that commensurates the effort they put on the work. Yes, there are a lot of scammers online, that’s why I learned to be smart. It’s glad to know that you are enjoying your stay online especially with Virily. Yes, Virily is a good place to spend time and make friends. Thank you for dropping by.

    • A large percentage of people who are tried exploring the online field failed because either they are expecting that they can be successful overnight or they have gone to the wrong place. There are also some people who stay online most of the time because they love it and not because of the amount of money. Personally, I spending my somewhat limited time online to earn money and to learn new things in order to earn more money.

    • Thank you for dropping by, Carol. If I could retire early, I will consider working online as a full time in the near future. I already learned some skills but need to improve my writing skills in order for me to create high-quality contents and products such as e-books and courses. I also need to develop the marketing skill which for me is one of the most needed when planning to stay longer and be successful in the online field.

  7. I think working online is the future. The majority of ‘real jobs’ are becoming automated, leaving not many choices to most people. Working from home gives freedom, and it might solve overcrowding in urban areas, and help people spend more time with their families, without having to commute or migrate to other countries.

    • You just mentioned two of the best reasons for choosing to work online. Freedom and overcrowded streets which causes traffic. At the current time, careers like online teaching, writing, data analysis and research, and other work related to machine learning and Artificial Intelligence will surely give you a decent income.

    • It depends on the skills that you have, vidocka. Let’s also consider having patience. I tried different ways of working online before and I can say there are some good ones that are worth considering. I used to work a call reviewer and I can earn some good amount. But I gave up that work for my son who needs the work at that time. I concentrated on writing for a third party site which I believe to be one of the best paying blogging sites. I also started my own blog but I am not earning from it. though I can see it to be a good source too. My issue is not having enough time. Otherwise, working online is a good thing to pursue.

    • Yes, it is difficult to find a good paying job online and when you find one, you are not assured that it would last long. So you need to continuously make research. But having a source that you could do on your own time and at the place of your choice could be such a relief.


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