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Wait, but there’s more!

Murals in Oceanside California. I love street art!

The one below is a huge one! I can honestly say, I have never looked at a tire shop and thought wow this is pretty, until I came across this one.

Here it is from the other side.

I loved the one below.. It is a second hand shop full of just vintage clothing.

And this one is so perfect, it looks like a photograph.

I forgot to add this one into the post about Wyland. Here is the full mural. The beach and Oceanside pier are behind the building. Excuse the blown out parts, but I couldn’t get the painting and the beach.

Speaking of beaches, here is a beach wall in Oceanside.

The next few pictures are in the alley…

of just one building.

I had to kind of climb the fence to get some of these…

I didn’t go all the way inside the fence.

But the shots were worth it.

All the way up it’s painted…

And all the way down the other wall…

I heard it was going to be a cafe, but they had problems with permitting and never opened.


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