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Lessons from Hannah

I used to work as a home carer for “Hannah” a girl in a wheel chair. She was not easy to please but in her circumstances she was a true woman of courage and stretched herself to the limit. She was working to gain her Masters in Art History. She was a vegan and also diabetic.

Yes, the painting is a profile done by me, and it is not of Hannah. (which is a fictional name)

She lived alone in a Housing New Zealand Flat and one day I saw a White tailed spider disappear under her washing machine. The bite of a White tailed spider can make you very sick. “Hannah” had no feeling in her feet at all and may not see the spider. We called the Ministry of agriculture and fisheries to get rid of any spiders.

I told her about one of my clients who had MS and how some people treated her.

She said, “Did I tell you of my trip up North?”


“Well, I had come into town to go on a bus trip with other disabled people.This woman stood above me with both her hands on her hips and said, “Do you have your IHC Card? (IHC card Intellectually handicapped card)” I said , “No! Have you got yours”

Hannah answered with a sly smile. I think I know who the real person with limited thinking and it definitely not Hannah.

She was a very bright and intelligent woman and I feel lucky to have met her.

Never judge a book by a cover! Especially people. I read that a blind man studied Law hard and gained admitted to the bar as a barrister. It wouldn’t pay to judge blind or disabled people if you happened to get one as a lawyer!

Still waters run deep!

Here is a picture of the Waikato River, the water looks very still and serene. Never jump into any river no matter what the water looks like unless you know beyond doubt that its safe.

For these reasons, look before you leap particularly with water, it may be very, very deep. You don’t know what’s in the water, and there is often a very swift current that drags you under.

Keep yourself safe around water.

Yet this place is as beautiful as it looks, this is Mareatai beach. Where you see people swimming here, it is safe to go swimming.


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Written by Pamela Moresby


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  1. From a single post that reveals only a bit of your outlook, I feel that you are a wise person. Not because of age, but because you are open and appreciative. I am sure you are a person who loves to learn from many things. I think that’s why we come to the world.

  2. It’s a touching story that everyone should respect everyone else. I had a daughter who was autistic, we all learned to treat everyone like we wanted everyone to treat her. We all treated her like a normal person, who was quick witted and very intelligent.

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