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Towards The End Of Its Existence

Planet child from the red sky

towards the end of its existence

before it disappears

swallowed by a black hole

silent in submission

while smiling he said

death is only for that which is born

and of course a birth

just for something that is dead.

he is even happy

because of experiencing the truth

after defeating his ego

and peace of mind

is the only one he has.

Smiling once again he asked

if tomorrow black hole draws you

what choice do you have?

how much can you do?


Illustration by Albert Herdie  – Digital painting from part of Life of the Cosmos series Towards The End Of Its Existence.


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  1. As usual, you present a complex topic in an enlightening and poetic feast. When I’m navigating the event horizon, I find ego, is the magnet sucking me past the point of no return. Yet the simple, selfless art of being now, is the defense from obscure oblivion.
    Always amazing, my avian brother.

  2. We don’t know that entering a black hole is certain death; we only know that you’d be reduced to a singularity but time might stop for you before you die

    The only thing we do know is that nobody makes it back from the event horizon to tell us the outcome…

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