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Be a role model for your children

I remember as a teenager my daughter brought friends home and closed in her room. After a while, she shouted to me, “Look how beautiful we did, what a painting!”,I enter her room and almost fall down – the whole closet is painted out.

I stood biting my teeth and said nothing. The first impression is that the huge closet’s doors are damaged. However, it is a work of art in the eyes of a child. What a difference, whether that door is white or blue-brown! And I said, “It’s very beautiful.” Most importantly, it was beautiful for my daughter and her girlfriends. And by the way, my daughter is still drawing very beautifully.

When my children came up to our life, I very clearly understood my responsibility to be a role model. Not to tell the child how he must do,  but I must act accordingly.

In the past, I was quite introverted and it was difficult for me to talk to strangers or to people I didn’t know. When I started going for walks with kids, I started smiling more and greeting people, talking to them like they were my friends. They grew up seeing such an example and feel a lot bolder in this world than I was at that age.

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