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44 thousand years old painting

A painting has been discovered from an Indonesian cave which is being hailed as the first known painting of human history. This painting was discovered on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. The painting was discovered in 2017 and its research work is now complete, after which it is learned that it is 44,000 years old.

A buffalo is seen in the cave carved in the cave and there are some human an animal whom have hold the spears and possibly the ropes and hunting the buffalo. The style of hunting on the craft looks as if a hunting contest is being organized. According to Australian and Indonesian experts who discovered it, the scene may be the oldest story in the world which was recorded. It is probably 44 thousand years old.

The earliest known sculpture found in a cave in Germany is believed to be the oldest artifact in history, which is estimated to be 40,000 years old.

Cave crafts in this area were first discovered in the 1950s, When 242 caves were found with various images and impressions. These ancient impressions are also likely to worsen.Dust, dust, salt, smoke and germs are causing these impurities to deteriorate and erase. Archaeologists say that if these impressions disappear, it will certainly be a major loss of human culture.

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