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The Story Behind The Spirit Dance Collection

Social anxiety has been a part of my life, in certain crowds and situations, all my life. When I am really anxious I like to picture everyone in the room, without a body. You probably thought I was going to say naked didn’t you? The latter was recommended to me, and I have heard that it is a good way to relieve social anxiety while speaking in front of a crowd, but it never worked for me.

What does work for me is picturing everyone as a spirit dancing around, no body language or facial expressions to try and read. I suppose it is more complicated than picturing everyone naked because I don’t know what a spirit looks like, much less what it looks like dancing. The visualization process distracts from my anxiety enough that I am able to relax and even have some fun in the crowd.

Presenting The Spirit Dance Collection: Inspired by my personal method for coping with social anxiety.

The original painting “Spirit Dance” is a 16×20, pearlescent and metallic acrylic, on canvas. All other images were created from a photograph of the original painting using photo-manipulation.

“Spirit Dance”

“Spirit Ballet”

“Spirit Odissi”

“Spirit Moonwalk”

“Spirit Merengue”

“Spirit Tango”

“Spirit Disco”


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Written by Rachel Hannah

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