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red vest – WIP

Some of you have already participated in my Teri Bogard poll, but her character traditionally has a red vest. It was always my intention to add that in, but my lack of sophistication made that problematic. Now I have the technology, so let’s do it…

#1 warm sunset

this vest would work fine for her twin brother Terry, but the design here is messing with her bare midriff read, which was one of the best things about the original design...

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#2 raw

here it is as a true vest, and in the right color

#4 urbanx

nice gritty grunge kinda implementation

#5 warm crunch

I could just cut the jacket in half and see what happens...


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    • not to be sexist, but her brother has a reach advantage, plus strength and weight. her advantages are speed and you can’t kick her in the jewels. doesn’t sound good…

      assuming they are equal in skill, the odds are still not in her favor but if she dodges until Terry is tired, she can still win