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Unseelie Fae – WIP

Since my fairy omake was so well received, I decided to play around with the unseelie fae. Then when I was looking for the background, there were all these evil trees just hanging out in my production directory. Kismet!

#1 raw

here is the base render, please discount the fireflies. they will be dealt with later...

6 points

#2 glow fade

the unseelie are also sometimes known as the winter court, since they are most powerful in the darkness

6 points


right now she has these strange stained glass wings but I am considering replacing them with traditional wings

6 points

#4 warm sun

perhaps too rich in color, but a good look

5 points

What do you think?

12 points


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  1. I really like the first and last one. The fae, even though dressed in black, really comes out better in a slightly darker background. That face and hands of her are almost mesmerizing in all that darkness. Very well executed. Congrats…

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