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My Oil Pastel on Paper Collection

I am a self taught artist. Aside from the two technical drawing subjects in engineering that I had, I was never formally trained to draw nor paint. But my interest in art, specially drawing started way back while I was a little boy.

Influenced perhaps by my love for comic books plus our eldest brother who used to oil paint on stretched canvass.

From time to time I would experiment on different medium. Three or four years ago I tried my hands on oil pastel. I bought just the basic set with 10 or a dozen colors.


Grandma’s Tales

 A long time ago, when there was no gadgets, cellphones nor tablets yet. Not even a TV  or  a radio, the grandmother would gather the children at dusk. 

Sitting on her rock chair granny would entertain the youngsters with tales of old. Some are legends told by their own grandmothers, some are perhaps created but most of the time these tales are scary stories. 

Mano Po

Mano po

Pagmamano - or a way of asking for a blessing from the elders is an age old Filipino culture. Where the youngsters upon meeting older relatives, at least one generation up like the parents, uncles/aunts or grandparents, they would reach for the elderly's right hand and say "Mano po." and they would touch their forehead to the elderly's backhand. 

The elderly would then respond "Kaawaan ka ng Dyos" or May God have mercy on you.

These days the youngsters would only day "Bless"  and the elderlies would say "God bless.". In some families however this custom has been replaced by a kiss on the cheek or forehead to specially to the grandparents.


Kapre or a tree demon.

One of the scary characters in the Philippine folklore is the tree dwelling giant known as Kapre. It is said that they stand about 9 feet tall with dark skin and long curly hair and beard. They are often depicted to smoke huge cigars and carry a crude wooden club. It is that they live inside the Balite trees.


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I'm a self-taught photographer and artist, hobbyist, nature lover, photo editor. and a self trained web designer and developer.


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