What if the Bat Meets the Blind Crusader?

Blind as a Bat!

This is another one of my cross-over fan art ideas. What if a portal has opened and brought the Batman into the Hell’s Kitchen of New York. A New York where the blind crusader, the DareDevil exist.

I originally named this (pencil-on-paper)  piece Blind as a Bat.

Their costumes are inspired by both comic book and movie and TV concepts. The Batman is wearing a light body armor but more flexible than the  ones in the movies. The Daredevil’s mask is based on the comic book concept while his suite is based on the TV series version which is also a light body armor.

Easter Egg

There is an “Easter egg” in this drawing. Another character is hidden somewhere. Can you find him? Who do you think it is?


What do you think?

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