Medibang Paint: The Best Graphic App for Android

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I have always been a Photoshop user. But when the problems on my old laptop worsened, I can only use the program for a short period of time for each session, which is quite inconvenient for me.

Ever since I bought my 10. 1 Android Tablet, I had been looking for an application that would have the tools and features that I need. I have used at least three applications, but none of them is anywhere near the power of Photoshop and all its features. But those apps are handy enough in their areas. In fact I have used them on different projects. I have uploaded at least two of my works here:

The Joker on Devian Art,


Three or four days ago I saw a post by  VERSUSVII on her Manga characters.

So I thought I’d search for Manga on Playstore. Then I found Medibang Paint. It has a 4.4 average rating and it deserved to have it or even higher.

When I installed and run it, I found the tools that I have been looking for. Layers, brushes, selection tools, vector drawing, etc…

Still not as powerful as Photoshop but it is the best alternative in Android so far. To really try out what I can do with it, I used my hand sketched drawing “the Sacrifice” and started digitizing it.

Now I can continue working on my story and even make a digital comic book out of it.

I think I will write a full review on this app soon.


What do you think?

Written by artbytes26

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