I Am an Artist!


That’s what I am and I am going to shout it out. Shout it it to make it clear in my head what I am, and what I love to do and everything else is secondary.

HI! For those who don’t know me (well I guess nobody really knows me here at Virily), my given name is John Reynold, call me JOHN and I am an artist! Why am I shouting this out? To answer that let me tell you a little more about my self.

For the past few years, I have been reading about finding my core gift. Meaning what am I really good at. Problem is, I took up Computer Engineering in college. Not that I don’t love computers, in fact I love to tinker with them  for more less two decades I had been working in the field of Information Technology.


I had been an I. T. Department head in one of the biggest real estate developer in my home town. A company with about a hundred regular employees and almost as many workstations. I was able to redesign and upgrade the company’s whole network infrastructure; including at least 5 remote offices that I connected wirelessly.


Troubleshooting computers and network systems has been my forte. I may not be the best but, modesty aside, I am good at it. I suppose I can attribute it to my love in solving puzzles.


I learned PHP/MYSQL, MYSQL, WordPress, a little bit of Java and Java scripting. I have been lured by the large income potential. I have created, a couple of my previous blogs in WordPress. But I wasn’t able to update them for a long time. I wanted to create a few sites that I would add to my portfolio in Upwork. But it seems I can’t put my focus on it.


I’ve had other works and projects throughout the years. Some failed some brought me lots of cash. I have been a teacher, full time and part time. I tried developing a program as well. Question is, was I happy with my jobs? Maybe in some.


What I kept on doing in all those years was I kept on drawing! Yes, I love to draw ever since I was a kid. I was in second grade, I think, when I drew the Lou Ferigno – Hulk with four biceps! Hey I didn’t know that there’ only one bicep for each arm then, even the Hulk.

Whether on paper or on a computer, I will draw, even when I don’t get paid for doing it. Drawing is like a therapy for me.

I had no formal training except for the technical drawing classes that I had in secondary school and college.

In one of the motivational videos that I have been watching on YouTube said, that “you would do the things you love even if you don’t get paid for it”. On several self help books that I have read said that if you want to be successful, do the things you love and get paid for it.

Here are some of my works that I uploaded here.

A collection of my Oil Pastel on Paper, though one is water color pencil on paper which I added by mistake.

A crossover concept of the Wolverine vs. Predator. There is actually a short story in mind.

A Samurai holding a great sword (O’dachi). I sketched this on paper and digitized using Photoshop.

My impression on Medibang Paint, showing my illustration for a fiction story that I had been playing in my mind.

One of my latest work. I created a vector drawing, or cartoonized, a photo of a boy (which I downloaded from Pixabay). A service which I plan to offer on Fiverr.

Last but not least, the cover photo is a screen shot of MediBang as I work on a soldier. There is no pen-on-paper sketch. S. W.A.T.? Maybe. ☺


I am an artist. I may not be the best but this is what I am good at, this is my best skill and more importantly, this is what I love to do. This is my core gift. And I should start earning from it. Any other skills that I have is secondary.

Thanks for reading.


What do you think?


Written by artbytes26

I'm a self-taught photographer and artist, hobbyist, nature lover, photo editor. and a self trained web designer and developer.


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  1. Aha! So you are John Reynold! I always have trouble to say a call for you, so I always call “My friend”. I strongly believe that you are an artist? Don’t you believe it? Then to whom do you protest, John? Hahaha… I know that this is the way you express yourself, but do not shout too loudly, it’s midnight man, I’m afraid my wife will wake up to hear your loud voice.

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