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My Novel/Story Ideas

I used to do a lot of writing (poetry and story) but have not lately. I found my old novel ideas and thought I would try to write again. I recently shared a short story I wrote for my college creative writing class I took back in 2012, and it did pretty well.

I thought I would post my ideas here where my readers could vote on them and I’d work on the most voted idea first.

I added my art pieces to each item, and tried to match it closely as I could to what the story was about.

Hope you enjoy the ideas and the art pieces…feel free to let me know what you think of both.


First I want to say, I am not ripping off Ellen Hopkins novel entitled Impulse. Yes, it sounds like it might be relateable...however I am going to take a different spin on the story.

Three to Five strangers end up in Blackstone, a mental hospital, because they all tried to end their lives. 

Not sure how many strangers I am going to use yet. I may end up making it be about just one patient, or maybe two who fall in love. 

Still working out the details.


A women in her 30’s loses her husband and is left to carry on with two children (10 and 7 years). She never had a job because her husband made enough to support the whole family, they can survive a while with what’s left of what he has made but eventually they use it all and are left broke.

The beginning of the story shows the woman as she watches her husband take his final breath, and the machine flat lines. 

The story follows her and her children trying to get by after the man dies.


Here is the next idea that I have come up with for a novel.  I want to be original, and creative but there are so many stories out there, so it is hard sometimes to come up with something that hasn't been done yet.  Anyway...I digress...

My story is about a college girl whose life takes a turn down a bad road.  In the beginning she was a smart straight A student, and a bright girl who grew up with Christian values.  After some time in college, she meets some new people who lead her down the wrong path and end up leaving her stranded.  

Can she pick up the broken pieces and fix her life, or is it too late?  Tune in for more.

I came up with this story line from past experience, and from stories I have heard from friends and other people.

#4 Teenage Love Tragedy

Two Lovers: Cheyenne and Andrew met in high school.She was a senior with great grades, with the world before her. She planned on going to college to study fashion design. Andrew was a junior and an all star athlete and musician. Music was his life and he planned to go on to college to further his music learning. However much to their surprise, their plans would fall short due to Andrew’s illness and body that was falling apart quickly. It struck him fast and ended his life shortly after he turned 18.

Cheyenne went crazy.Psychotic? Lunacy? She swore she saw his ghost. She was sent to an institution where she has a complete break down/panic attack where she sees her mothers ghost; who talks to her. This discussion turns Cheyenne’s whole life around.

She gets better and gets released, and is able to graduate high school after finishing her credits up with summer school.She goes to Julliard to study art and fashion;and finally gets an internship with a fashion magazine.One day on the way home from the internship, She sees both her mothers and Andrews ghost and she gets in an accident.Its too late when she gets to the hospital and the last words that spill from her lips are, “I Love You”; speaking to Andrew.


The novel will be about a small group of people who have lost someone close to them by suicide.  I chose this topic because it is very close to me, because I have lost a family member and a few friends to this.  The book will explore how this group of people cope and how they survive losing someone.  The small group meet up at a support group type thing (yeah not the best description but I am just hashing out what is my mind right now).  They talk about their anger, fear, guilt and how they wish they could go back in time to save the person they lost.  

I want to write about this because it happens everyday, sadly.  Maybe the book will help others who feel depressed and suicidal to see how the people around them would feel if they were to pass on before their time.


What do you think?

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  1. I think you can use all these short story ideas into one novel about a group of suicidal people who end up in the same mental hospital, and how they meet there and end up helping each other recover. the main characters are these 4 different people, college student, mother, and teen who lost her bf, and their different situations that made them suicidal. I think it would be interesting because I have watched a lot of mental institution and psychology related movies for fun because my educational background is in social science.
    also, the artwork here fits the story, and could be used as book covers for your novel as well as some artwork inside the book as chapter separation pages.

    • I never would have thought to put all of the stories together into one. That’s really clever! I will put that into consideration! And thank you, that would be cool if I could include my artwork in the book.

  2. I vote for the #5 because I believe that art isn’t just a pure exercise of writing but also a way full of meanings for talk about a not so often argument before it happened. If you think a moment, there are a lot of talks after a death for suicide, studies, and regret, but few on prevention.
    I believe that your target is a young reader, and I think that share your novel could be a good prevention through the art way. Considering also the contemporary drama of Blue Whale.
    As paint, I preferred the #5 because it got differents meanings.
    Good Work.
    Ciao Flavio

  3. I like two and three the most, but why not eventually write them all. After all, the more works that are out there, the better off you are in gaining attention or so I have heard, and am now putting to the test. As for idea number one, I would suggest three individuals being the center of the story. As an Indie Author myself it can get confusing for us as writers and the reader if we have too many points of view so it simple, maybe this is why I like two and three so much good basis with on focal character.

    • I do eventually want to write them all, and more stories. I just was trying to see which ideas were liked the most and that’s where I would begin. Yes, I agree…simple is best.

  4. Writing is a dream that starts inside you, grows and then springs forth into the world. Sometimes we can throttle the flow of words. Sometimes the flow of words throttles us.

    I love your starting ideas, looks like you have a wonderful place to begin!