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Research of Beauty. To read my post and try to answer the question posed you must enter my blog through the Facebook window open up here. Just...

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How to discharge the bad influence of the Horrible People.

Sometimes, fortunately for me, not so often, it happens to found on the social network to find a sort of disgusting person, that from...

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A stranger minute of art. As you can see this is the proof that art is change, definitely. Just give me a lone minute, a puff of breath, a moment...

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Why experimental art is neccessary today? This is the result of a series of Thought on the Experimental Art that I collect into the various blogs and social where I...

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The freedom of experiment. One of the things that for me is really important into the life on a painter is for sure the freedom to experiment new...

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About me

Flavio Fassio

I got new idea for paint.

I am Italian, living in Turin.

I am the painter of transformation, discoverer of a new territory

#immateriale arte, and producer of “Quadro Liquido”.

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