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The Moon is the Witness of the Senile Civilizations.


Hidden in the hoarse of debris

traces of agreement and power that have been eaten by the long journey

mosses and fungi wrap what’s left of time lap.

Many books on wisdom have been written down

about human beings, creatures of the earth, and also beings of the universe.

Some have been inherited as a chat about trust and disbelief

others are hidden in the souls of the testator in the folds

Who  has also been singing new songs

In a new language for the same meaning.

The same old secrets in the next books

In matching sequences and no

In subsequent languages by means of diverse speak

its skin is a way of caring for soul clothes

during walking around the earth.

Its essence reminded that clothes are clothing

while its emptiness require proof

courage to fused with all beings

and melt in the absence that exist in same grains with the Existence.

If there are crumbs of wisdom of love, and truth

scattered in the crowded streets

perhaps this is new brands of certain roads

either heading to the abyss or to the top of the mountain

or nowhere.

This work is dedicated to all sisters & brothers who love La Luna, the moon, the sky, the clouds and the universe.

Illustration by Albert Herdie  – Digital painting from part of Life of the Cosmos series  The Moon is the Witness of the Senile Civilizations.


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  1. You proceed with your reads of human anguish,
    the deeds or your wit and lit. you so lavish.
    True though we two may soon up and vanish
    we embellish and do in crooned song we so brandish.

    Languishing in language…SpLaSh!

  2. Too many, too often, lead to nowhere.
    The “mountaintop” too lofty and unattainable, I’d dare.
    It is the abyss where this fish dare fare
    that is my bliss and with humans I share.
    Brilliant work. my word wielding wonder. >-=^;>

  3. So you think the sun would give up on our planet before the moon would? It does make a certain amount of sense; the sun has all these other worlds so it doesn’t really need the earth. The moon only has the earth, so it would stick with that world to the bitter end…

    • Hahaha… questions and profound statements, Alx. I love it! I am only revealing the worldview of the material world to the reality of the unseen world, the living world behind material mortality, and the unseen consciousness. But unfortunately if I answer more broadly here, people will be bored to read it. Thank you for always giving a serious response, and not a polite one.

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