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My work influenced other artists.

The influence of my painting to fashion. 

Implementation of last year, printing on silk dress for Lulu Hayes.

The new collection inspired by The Inner City Lifestyle & Suburban Street Art came across Pulszartti’s style & abstract techniques. Lulu Hayes particularly connected with Pulszartti in that all his pieces are also inspired by the nature of life – exploring personal life experiences, his work carries both emotion & expressionism through the form of mixed-media.

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 My painting for blog book writer David Rogers.

Nothing can compete with, nothing can replace, their joy during the act of creating– the self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-expression that satisfies their deepest needs. They so saturate themselves with their work that to paint or write—or sculpt, act, or dance– becomes as much a need as sleep. A painter perceives the world in which she finds herself in lines and planes, a dramatist thinks in dialogues and scenes. A novelist divides his life into episodes.

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 & + Article from filmmaker Nino Leitner about creation and my painting.

Human beings are the only mammals able to create art and that is part of our neurological development. Art is strongly connected to the evolution of consciousness and the brain’s ability to reflect. To cut a difficult matter short, art is the mimicry of the world. However, artists do not mimic an objective version of reality. Artists mimic their subjective experience of the world, expressing it through different media such as dance, music, literature, painting or movies. Therefore –

„Art is the Expression of Subjective Experience“

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Written by Paul Pulszartti