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The most unique road in the world made of used plastic

A Scottish company has been building roads using plastic bottles for the past few years, which it claims are 3 times more durable than traditional roads. It is estimated that around 9 billion tonnes of plastic is currently available in various forms around the world, with 7 billion tonnes of plastic being either dumped into the oceans or made for waste disposal on Earth.

Toby McCarthy, the founder of a company called Macrebur, is an engineer. Stating the reason for setting up the company, he said that at first he did not want to show his children plastic-filled seas.
He began work on a similar technique in Scotland with the help of his two friends to devise an eco-friendly way of making plastic roads. Soon he was successful and was able to invent a special “actuator” which was also patented.
They break industrial and domestic used plastics into very fine pieces with the help of a special machine that is as much as 5mm. Then the fragments and the “actuator” are chemically processed, the material obtained is exactly the same as the bitumen / asphalt used in the construction of roads.
Until now, they have built several kilometers long roads with used plastic, which also prove to be particularly durable, but construction experts say the sustainability of plastic-made roads will be limited to the cold countries, while the hot and sunny sunshine of the eastern countries environment, these roads may soon be broken down.

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