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Uniqueness of nature

The dynamics of nature is the uniqueness of our country. Every month brings more and more ingredients to our table. And their natural sequence and ever-changing image outside the window with their own tastes, colors, aromas, sounds, emotions, feelings, and celebrations is the greatest asset of the country where this fairy tale takes place.

Life is truly strange – against the backdrop of globalization, with the advancement of ideas and technology, we are also rediscovering nature, the beauty of provincial life, the naturalness and simplicity of the ingredients. We seem to be so close to everything our ancestors lived many years ago and what many parts of the world today simply no longer have. After all, we still have access to lakes and forests, fragrant meadows and lush gardens. We can enjoy an innumerable abundance of mushrooms, berries, spices,  and vegetables. We have the opportunity to live in unspoiled land, where miracles take place every day – in our kitchens, at the table of a favorite restaurant, in the wild nature.

Sometimes we’re just a little too busy to remember how lucky we were. We are small and big at the same time. The poor and the rich. Modern and old-fashioned. This is where our identity and peculiarities are born: in the rustle of pines, in the gusts of the north wind, in flowers’ blossoms, on apple branches, in bags full of mushrooms.

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  • Do you have the opportunity to grow vegetables yourself?


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