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My Top 5 favorite dog movies of all time

As a girl who loves dogs, you can bet that I’ve watched a lot of dog movies in my life  and while I loved them all, these are 5 movies that have stood out for me. I highly recommend you grab your popcorn, snuggle your dogs and check these out!

#1 Hachi: A dogs tale(2009)

This is a must see movie for every dog lovers. For human, dogs may be part of our life, but for dogs we are everything they got. I saw this movie again today for the 10th times and I'm still crying. This is really amazing story about loyalty and unconditional love. I was crying for a good 30 minutes even after this movie ended. I think no other movie has made so many people cry. I had a lot of dogs too and it brings back memories of how sad and depressed I felt for a year after they passed away. 

#2 Max(2015)

For a movie about a dog, I actually enjoyed it! It shows how intelligent dogs are and it also shows love between dogs and the owner. It's definitely a must see film for everyone. 

#3 Eight Below(2006)

Eight below is a fantastic movie that's an inspiration for all people that love dogs. It's absolutely one of the most amazing movie I've ever seen. It literally gave me goosebumps in the end and it is a must see!

#4 A dogs purpose(2017)

I loved this movie so much, the story is hart warming and has a lot of tearful moments but it was a happy ending. Everything about this movie is a top-notch. The acting and writing are excellent! 

#5 White God(2014)

This is the first Hungarian film I've seen and I loved it. It's not only about the relation between dogs and human it is also about Hungarian society with their neofascist political parties. This is the 20th time that I cried and feel so bad after hachi. 

There you have it, my top 5 favorite dog movies of all time! What do you think? What's your favorite dog movies? Let me know in the comment. 

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  1. I’ve seen a dogs purpose, great movie, but the dog almost died in making it. Red dog was one of my favorites of all time. Old Yeller still gets me teary. Call of the Wild, and Milo and Otis was good. I now have more to see.

    • Yes, hachi is really the greatest dog movie I’ve ever seen that’s why it’s my number 1. My favourite scene is where Mrs Wilson come back to town after 10 years and found Hachi still waiting, so touching I can’t control my tears

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