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Midwife for Susie

Once again I became a midwife tonight. Yes, Susie gave birth again, and this time she gave birth to four kittens.

I thought before, I didn’t need to accompany her during the delivery process after her first birth last January, but it turned out that since late afternoon she kept meowing while going up and down from my lap.

Around 09 PM, the first baby appears until the fourth around 11 PM. One by one I saw how they came out of Susie’s stomach.

I haven’t checked their sex one by one, which is certain, besides Susie, Blue, and Black, we have four more if the four kittens survive to grow.

The first and second

The first born kitten is the gray one. The one that has put her head on her sister's body.

The Senior Baby

She is the only grayish brown one.

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The Second

There is a little brown on his forehead and ears.

The Four & Susie

For more convenience, at the same time, I show all four at once.


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  1. Wow Albert you are a grandpa again and a midwife (or midman) grandpa on top of it. Four kittens that is a lot to care for. Susie is certainly not done giving birth and her litters will keep on growing in numbers. I hope you realize that. Have you decided on names for the beautiful little kittens yet. Keep the pictures coming and watch over Blue and Black because they just might get jealous or a little too rough when wanting to play with the newborns… Good luck grandpa….

    • Well, it’s quite magical to experience this one more time, dear friend. Yes, four kittens are a lot…
      We haven’t found a name for them yet, maybe later after understanding their characteristics one by one.

      Blue and Black were not too brave enough to come closer in because Susie was still fierce at both of them. She became very motherly for a moment after giving birth. She even tried to carry Black who was already very big like a baby, and of course, failed. But about an hour later, Susie returned fiercely to them.

      Well, we see how Blue and Black will behave towards their younger siblings. Of course under close supervision.

      Grandpa of cats… Nice to hear it… lol
      Thank you so much for everything here, dear friend.


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