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Meet The Cutest Parrots In The World

Last weekend, before the butterfly exhibition, I went to a parrot exhibition.

This is the cutest parrot I’ve seen.

There were many different kinds of parrots and I tried to take photos of all of them, but they just weren’t able to stay still. Here are some of the more decent photos I took. I think that both birds are pink Kakadus, but I’m not sure.

This grumpy little guy doesn’t like photos. He’s adorable though.

I really liked it that the birds weren’t tied and they were able to walk around. Most of them were just chilling or playing with each other, but there was one tucan that walked all over the place. He was really cute, I’ll make another post just about the toucans.

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  1. I think they are awesome too. We get the white ones here, but no pinks .Must be a law against them here. We are too much like Au, prob would start to breed here. What a cool thing to do, parrots, then butterflies! Cant wait for more, right now I am going to head over and check out the owl.

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