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What do these English Words mean in the UK?

As the old adage goes, “I say Tom-MAY-toes, you say, Tom-MAH-toes, we have pronounced words differently depending on where you are from. 

Ever since we came across the pond folks from both sides have chuckled at each other’s use of the English Language. 

Here are ten of those words, that mean something totally different in the UK than in the US. 

Can you guess what these 10 words mean? 

*The photographs have nothing to do with the words. 

Good luck and have fun! 

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    You could get wet in a “Bog”. What does it mean in the UK?

    • Swamp
    • Toilet
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    If someone in the UK asked you if you would like to play a game of FOOTBALL, what game would you play?

    • Soccer
    • Foot Ball
    • Golf
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    How about a LIFT?

    • An uplifting comment.
    • An elevator.
    • A ride somewhere.
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    I am hungry for a BISCUIT.

    • A cookie.
    • A cat or dog treat.
    • A small round baked bread lathered with butter for breakfast.
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    I think I need a COACH!

    • Someone to teach me.
    • A buss.
    • Covered Wagon
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    I’m tired, maybe a TROLLEY would help.

    • They have them in San Francisco. A trolley.
    • A shopping basket.
    • A baby carriage.
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    Some people have BRACES on.

    • Wires on their teeth.
    • Blinders
    • Dark sun glasses.
    • Suspenders that go over your shoulder to hold up pants.
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    A HAMPER would be nice.

    • A quiet time.
    • Clothes basket.
    • Picnic basket
    • To hinder someone.
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    What does DUMMY mean?

    • They use them in crash tests. Car Dummies.
    • Pacifier
    • Carpet
    • A derogatory remark to say someone is stupid.
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    And the word, SHAG?

    • A long carpet that was popular in the 70’s.
    • You might have heard of the word shag in the movie Goldmember with Austin Powers. It means sex.
    • To dance really fast.


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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