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You Think You Know All About Paperweights?

Paperweights are common place gifts these days.  Common and rather inexpensive, but still appreciated by those who receive them to mark special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, and graduation.  But how much do you know about their history?

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    At one time, paperweights were:

    • stones to be used for healing
    • gifts to be placed in royal treasure vaults
    • used to create rock gardens
    • worthless objects of little or no value
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    Glass paperweights first appeared in:

    • eighteenth century Spain
    • fourteenth century Istanbul
    • third century China
    • nineteenth century Europe
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    The Classic Period of French Paperweights, when paperweight-making was at its best, lasted from:

    • 1901 to 1915 (20?)
    • 1776 to 1789 (99?)
    • 1845 to 1855 (60?)
    • 1500 to 1515
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    The country credited with manufacturing and commercializing the sale of glass paperweights to the general public was:

    • America
    • France
    • England
    • Canada
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    The Corning Museum of Glass showcases exhibits of exceptional paperweight collections. This museum is located in the city of:

    • Corning, California
    • Corning, New York
    • Corning, Pittsburgh
    • Corning, Iowa
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    The earliest known paperweight dates as far back as the Han dynasty, ancient China, and it was made out of:

    • white jade
    • green jade
    • blue sapphire
    • tiger’s eye
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    On record (as of 2017), the most expensive paperweight in the world was sold by Sotheby’s Auction House in 1990. How much did it sell for?

    • $5 million USD
    • $5000 USD
    • $800,000 USD
    • $258,000 USD
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    This woman is highly regarded and considered a Master Glass Artist. Though professionally trained as a painter, her paperweights are exquisite creations.

    • Mellisa Brown
    • Susan Fox
    • Debbie Tarsitano
    • Vera Lee


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  1. I got just 2 🙂 Really interesting quiz. Can you explain what the numbers in brackets in question #3 indicate? 1901 To 1915 (20?), 1776 To 1789 (99?), 1845 To 1855 (60?)

    PS Andrew always gets full marks in every quiz. Interesting 🙂

  2. Since I worked as a hot glass furnace worker for over a decade and have more paperweights sitting around my house that I made (many in boxes in the closet) I will not reveal how stunningly low I scored on this quiz. Great quiz though …

  3. Thanks for participating. 8 wonderful responses so far. The hardest part of putting this quiz together was coming up with “incorrect answers”. Took a lot of imagination. Wore me out! 🙂