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Saturday's Critters featuring Pacific Harbor Seals in a "Find the Difference Game"!

I shot these images with a zoom lens and none of the seals even knew it. 

These guys are at Seal Beach in Southern California and are totally wild. They come here to this little cove to have their pups each year. 

These seals get to be around six feet long and are always spotted with different patterns and colors. 

Here are ten photos, with one edit done to each one. The first one is the original. Just click okay to each one then look at the photograph below for the edited version. If you do this you get ten correct right off the bat. 😉 

Next, just answer the multiple choice questions to reveal the answer! 

Good luck and happy hunting! 

  • The original and the one I used for the cover.

    • Okay
  • Where is the edit?

    • In the back round water!
    • On the seal!
    • In the foreground water!
  • Original

    • Okay
  • Where is this edit located?

    • On the left.
    • On the right.
  • Original

    • Okay
  • Have I added something or taken something away?

    • You added something.
    • You took something away.
  • Original

    • Okay
  • Where is this edit found?

    • In the sky.
    • On the wall.
    • In the sand.
  • Original

    • Okay
  • Was something added or taken away?

    • Something was added.
    • Something was taken away.
  • Original

    • Okay
  • The edit is located ________!

    • On his face.
    • In the water.
  • Original

    • Okay
  • What is missing here?

    • Something on his face.
    • Something on his body.
    • Something on the rocks.
  • Original

    • Okay
  • The edit is on the ______________.

    • Horizon
    • Water
    • Rocks
  • Original

    • Okay
  • What color is this edit?

    • White
    • Blue green
    • Dark Pink
  • Original

    • Okay
  • The last one is ____________.

    • On the top.
    • On the bottom.

What do you think?

20 points

Written by Kim_Johnson

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