Find 5 Game

Below I have posted the original photo of a mural I took last week in the town I grew up in named Vista. 

Here it is. Look closely. 

I have done five things to the above photograph. 

Can you find all five? 

Have a great day. 


What do you think?

Written by Kim_Johnson


  1. 1. Someone carjacked the van.
    2. He also took one of the black things hanging on the wall… was that a camera or a light?
    3. Before leaving he flipped the sign hanging on the door.
    4. He took his time and finished the painting on the door.
    5. He must be so strong that he moved the canopy by the door a little bit.

    heheh.. Nice work, Kim

  2. I did better – I found 6 😀 Great fun, Kim!
    1. Changed notice on door from ‘Open’ to ???
    2. Extended roof to left of door
    3. Removed light above door
    4. Drove the van out of the picture
    5. Removed parking guide stripe beside van
    6. Removed kick panel at bottom of door