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Some of you may of heard of the social media site called Face Book. 😉

A while back one of my friends sent this to me, and I thought it was a lot of fun. It could just be me, but I was thinking maybe some of you might find it fun as well.

I also love taking pictures and thought I would pare my sunrise with you from Monday. It was subtle, but really pretty, and has a lot of crows. If you can see the dark spots! 

The game: Take the first letter of your middle name and answer these questions.

My middle name is actually Kim. After each photo, I will give you what I came up with.

Don’t use google!!!

#1 Name an animal that starts with the first letter of your middle name.

Kangaroo was mine. 

#2 A girls name.

This was easy for me, my sister named her girl Kammryn. 

#3 A boys name.

Ah, easy for me again. The same sister named her boy, Kyle. 

#4 Name something you wear that starts with the first letter of your middle name.

This was tough for me. All I could think of was Kicks. "Shoes"

The crows have started flying overhead in the photo. 

#5 Name a food…

Kimchi even has part of my name in it! 

#6 Name an item in the bathroom.

Kleenex, the brand just popped into my head. 

#7 Name a place.

I tried and tried to think of one place that started with a K. My mind was blank so I went with Kitchen. 😉 

#8 Name something pretty.


#9 Reason for being late.

Knuckleheads. Traffic jams! 


What do you think?


Written by Kim_Johnson

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