Spot the Differences!

All you have to do is spot the differences in these two photos. 

I have taken out or changed 10 things. Can you spot all ten? 

Take a look and write yours in the comments at the end. Have fun and good luck! 


What do you think?

Written by Kim_Johnson


  1. 1. Luna’s back leg is missing!
    2. You removed one of the rocks beside the water.
    3 The stick is gone to the left of Luna’s back leg.
    4. Poor Luna.. her front paw is missing.
    5. The shadows on Luna’s back are gone.
    6. Some of the big rocks across the water are gone.
    7. Some of the weeds beside the water are gone.
    8. Tall grass on the big mountain in the background is gone.
    9. Just spotted another front paw is gone. Luna can’t walk!
    10. More rocks gone from the mountain in the background.