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Kim’s CSI is still ongoing ~~~

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CSI Game

Now here is the latest update….

We know these two international jewel thieves John James Jones, and Kim Kourtney Khloe better known as Sparles, and Twinkles were last seen in the jungles of mexico.

They are training a pack of dogs to steal jewels for them.

In the first photo we have a shot of four of the dogs in the pack. Look closely at the photo.

The next photo was taken by a undercover officer. The officer is now missing, but managed to send us this photo. Look closely the photo below as well. Now see if you can answer the questions on the quiz titled, “Kim’s CSI Quiz” in the quiz section. Or you can find it by my tag #Kimsquizzes

Have fun!


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Written by Kim_Johnson


    • Thank you Doc, they was treats involved for this snap. lol Thats a cute story, its funny how some act when you put stuff on them. You should see the doby prance around after getting a bandanna or and yes, an outfit. My daughter in law loves to dress the dogs up..(rolls eyes) haha