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Guess the Compound Word Game

Can you guess these words? 

Inside are ten collages with two pictures in each collage. These pictures make up a compound word or words used together. Figure out what the word for each picture is and you will have the compound words. 

Sound easy enough? Look inside to find out. 

Good luck! 

  • Question of

    This is _______ ?

    • I know the word. You wear it on your body.
    • I know this one, it’s a board game.
    • This is neither of the answers above, but it is a color used for painting houses.
  • Question of

    This one is _______________?

    • This is a type of fish called a meow fish.
    • This is a type of fish that has whiskers like a cat.
    • This is a type of fish that is called a Ginger fish
  • Question of

    Pick the correct answer.

    • You might find this in the water.
    • You might find this in the sky.
    • You might find this in a child’s room.
  • Question of

    And this is?

    • Played with at the beach.
    • Used for fishing.
    • Sung by an artist.
  • Question of

    How about this?

    • Used to transport kids to school.
    • Seen in a restaurant.
    • Seen flying in the sky.
  • Question of

    This one is _______?

    • A type of dog food.
    • A place where dogs sleep.
    • A place that birds make to hatch their eggs in.
  • Question of

    These eat bugs. True or False

    • True, they eat mosquitoes.
    • No, they don’t eat at all. They are not a living thing.
  • Question of

    And this?

    • Is seen when the sun is shining and it is raining.
    • Is a type of storm.
    • Is a type of cloud.
  • Question of

    Should you stay away from this?

    • Only if you are wet.
    • Yes, it is venomous.
    • No, the more the merrier.
  • Question of

    And the last one?

    • Is a place where you go to drink tea and eat.
    • This is part of the tea plant.
    • A container used for drinking tea.


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