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Coffee, Tea and Trivia; How Much Do You Know?

A huge number of people around the world consume coffee, tea, or both. Some people wouldn’t even consider starting the day without at least one steaming cup of coffee. The total amount of coffee and tea that is consumed on a daily basis is staggering, too.

For this reason, there is a great deal of trivia that is associated with coffee and tea. How much do you know about these drinks?

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    Coffee was first consumed about the year 1000 AD. Which country was the first to start drinking coffee?

    • Brazil
    • Ethiopia
    • Greece
    • Morocco
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    In the 1600s, numerous coffee shops opened; what we might call cafes today. Coffee was so popular in one country that the shops were often crowded. A system was set up to make sure people got served quickly by the servers. This was known as “To Insure Promptness”; what we know today as a TIP. In what country did tips originate?

    • Spain
    • Italy
    • England
    • France
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    One particular coffee drink, cappuccino, is named after what?

    • The robes worn by a certain order of monks
    • A specific kind of coffee bean
    • An Italian nobleman who loved coffee
    • The scientific name of a kind of bird often found in coffee plantations
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    Instant coffee was first produced by spraying percolated coffee into a tower filled with hot air. The hot air evaporated the water in the coffee, leaving dried coffee powder at the bottom of the tower. This method for making instant coffee is still used today. What company invented the method of making instant coffee?

    • Folgers
    • Nestle
    • Genieveve
    • Hill’s Brothers
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    In America, a group of colonists dressed as Native Americans boarded an English supply ship and threw the tea overboard, in 1773. This was known as the Boston Tea Party and it was done in protest. What was being protested?

    • The high cost of tea
    • Regulations regarding when tea could be drunk and how it must be prepared
    • High taxes
    • The restrictive policies of the King of England
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    The tea bag was invented in what country?

    • England
    • Portugal
    • United States
    • Algeria
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    Tea made using tea bags tends to be strong, but not especially flavorful. What US First Lady said, “A woman is like a tea bag. It’s only when she’s in hot water that you realize how strong she is.”

    • Mimi Eisenhower
    • Jackie Kennedy
    • Mary Todd Lincoln
    • Nancy Reagan
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    In 1891, the first electric tea kettle was marketed. In what country was the electric tea kettle invented?

    • England
    • United States
    • Egypt
    • Germany
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    The first freeze-dried coffee was produced by a company in what country?

    • United States
    • England
    • Switzerland
    • Spain
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    A liquid essence of coffee and chicory was produced in 1885 by a company in what country?

    • Scotland
    • Austria
    • Denmark
    • Russia


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Written by Rex Trulove


  1. Very nicely done Rex. I had no idea Nestle invented instant coffee. I use that coffee and it is the best flavored instant on the market, in my opinion.

    • Yes. Nestle was contracted by Brazilian growers to come up with a water-soluble instant. Nestle delivered a few years later. Nestle was also the first to come up with freeze-dried coffee.

    • Great job! When people think of coffee shops, at least those on this side of the pond, England isn’t exactly the first country that springs to mind, so it isn’t surprising that the origin of tips would amaze anyone. Good job on getting the correct first lady. A lot of Americans might not get that one.