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Quiz About Actors and Actresses

How well do you know actors and actresses? That is the subject of this fun little trivia quiz. As with nearly everyone else, there is a great deal of information regarding actors and actresses that isn’t commonly known, even by fans of those performers. 

The facts are trivia, in as much as knowing the information probably isn’t going to be useful to most people. However, it is fun to know. So how well do you know actors and actresses? Let’s find out.

  • Question of

    Before gaining fame for playing the role of James Bond, which of these jobs did Sean Connery do, to make money?

    • Dancer
    • Bartender
    • Coffin polisher
    • Barber
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    Anthony Quinn, known for his ‘tough-guy’ roles, had his first film role in 1936. What character did he play?

    • A Cheyenne Indian
    • The captain of a ship
    • A gambler
    • A roman soldier
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    While he was trying to break into acting, what did Sylvester Stallone of Rocky fame do to make money?

    • He was a singer
    • He was a handler in a fish market
    • He sold magazine subscriptions
    • He swept the lion cages in the Central Park Zoo in New York City
  • Question of

    True or False: Before the leading role for the TV series Columbo was offered to Peter Falk, the role was offered to Bing Crosby.

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    True or False: John Wayne was offered the role of Marshall Matt Dillion in the TV series Gunsmoke. However, he turned down the part and recommended his very good friend, James Arness, for the role.

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    What is actor Richard Gere’s middle name?

    • Thomas
    • Tiffany
    • Todd
    • Simon
  • Question of

    True or False: Actress Katharine Hepburn wanted to be a boy when she was a child, so she shaved her head, put on boys pants, and called herself Jimmy.

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    Leonard, Adolph, Julius, and Milton, their real names, were four brothers who were better known as who?

    • The Allman Brothers
    • The Marx Brothers
    • The Osmonds
    • The Jacksons
  • Question of

    Besides both being singers, crooners, actors, and dancers, what did Dean Martin and Bob Hope have in common?

    • Both were boxers before they got into show business
    • Both owned a car lot at one time
    • Both ran for political office
    • Both were professional fishermen
  • Question of

    The cartoon, Tom and Jerry, first came out in 1940. What was Tom’s (the cat’s) original name?

    • Tom
    • Jasper
    • Felix
    • John


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Written by Rex Trulove

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