QUIZ: What does my Mug say?

I am fat. Well, that may or may not be true, but my tea mug seems to be telling me so. But are we being misled by seeing only part of the information? What do you think the full message is? Choose from the options below. Feel free to share your reasoning in the comments 🙂 

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  • What is the full message on my mug?

    • I am fat
    • I am the fattest
    • I am ten fathoms deep
    • I am fated to win
    • I am fatuous
    • I am your father
    • I am the boss fatso
    • I am a fatbird
    • I am a fatalist
    • Something else entirely (Tell us in a comment!)


What do you think?

22 Points


  1. I am still confuse So i do not know that what is this on this mug. but I think that this is “I am your father” but I am confuse because the sentence end with “S” letter. So i do not know more. can you tell me

  2. I see on the other side of the mug ‘Star Wars.’ You might not be fat but I wonder why you bought a mug with that inscription or are you fat?