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Challenge: How good are you with words?

“I know words, I have the best words”,  I am sure you know where these words came from.   Let’s see if you  can beat the person who knows the best words.

Choose the best anagram of  the following words.  Good luck!

  • Question of

    Woman Hitler

    • Mother In Law
    • Mineral Water
    • Whale Month
  • Question of

    I’m a dot in place

    • Compliance Nod
    • Decimal Point
    • Nice Lamp Top
  • Question of

    That Queer Shakes

    • The Earthquakes
    • Request Hates
    • Shatters Quest
  • Question of

    Not in accord it

    • Indicator Art
    • Ton Accordion
    • Contradiction
  • Question of

    Smart One

    • A Monster
    • Storm Art
    • Roman Son
  • Question of

    Dirty Room

    • Dim or Toy
    • Dormitory
    • My Diet Room
  • Question of


    • Moon Starer
    • Storm Are
    • No More Rams
  • Question of

    President Trump

    • Pretend Must RIP
    • Permutted Spirit
    • Entrusted Pimp
  • Question of

    Writing is fun

    • Unfit wrings
    • Fruit swings
    • Infusing Writ
  • Question of

    It’s party time

    • Rapture Tarts
    • A Typist Meter
    • My Tastier Pit


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